Programmer for hire

Programmer for Hire


Software Engineer, Database Design, Website Design, Mobile Devices, Business Systems, Contract Programmer

If you're looking to hire a programmer or software engineer for a Website or an Office Work Flow solution I offer a total bespoke software design and development service using the latest Microsoft and Adobe technologies. With over 20 years experience in the software design and development business and 6 years as a freelance computer programmer I can meet your requirements at a very reasonable cost. I am also able to supply an experienced business consultant, should it be necessary, to help you manage change as part of the package.


How it Works

OK so if you've read this far you either want a web site or a work flow problem solving. The next step is to contact me by sending me an e-mail. You can either do that via the 'Contact me' page or directly to I'll either respond by e-mail or telephone (if you include that in your e-mail) normally within 24 hours. The next step would be a meeting (either face to face or skype/facetime depending on location) to discuss your requirements. Initial consultations are free.

How much?

Simple. From £20.00 per hour (includes database design - should you need one) depending on project complexity and duration.  I'm also happy to work as part of a team to solve any staffing problems you may have (maternity leave, sickness or any of the other little problems that life throws at us).

What do you get?

Simple. State of the art software, that works and meets your requirements, using the most suitable technology available.


Sorry but I will not do your course work!

Programmer for Hire